Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Testing surge capacity for grey water mulch basin

After digging out our mulch basin and building up the sides we decided to test out the capacity of the basin. We first timed how long it took to fill up a 5 gallon (1.5 minutes).

Baptism 006

Then we sat around and read about grey water systems in a cold climate while the basin filled.

Baptism 011

Then we sat around some more.

Baptism 010

After about 45 minutes we were still at this point. We didn’t think the basin was going to fill up any more so we calculated we did over 100 gallons. We figured 50 gallons in 15 minutes so 100 gallons was conservative.

It took about 20 to 30 minutes for the water to disappear completely so hopefully that’s a good sign that the water can seep out.

We are now going to fill the basin with wood chips and mulch to insulate over winter. Also thinking about putting bales on the north to act as a shelter against the strong north wind.

Anyone know where to find wood chips?

Any other ideas on how to insulate this basin?


  1. You can get wood chips at a dump or you can ask the tree cutters in your area if they can dump their load there.These were a suggestion from another reader.We are going to need wood chips at our place.

  2. Good idea about the dump. There might be some stuff there. I doubt we have any tree trimmers around here. I heard I can order a semi truck load from a lumber mill but they are talking $1000 so might think about investing in a wood chipper.

  3. you want Fir Chips from Burnco. I think it's called Soil Prep. We use them for our composting Toilets. 2500 pounds for around 150 bucks. Just say your a contractor ;).