Thursday, November 29, 2012

The big move to The Simple Farm

It is with great pleasure that I announce that we have finally made the move to The Simple Farm. This big move started about two years ago and has been wrought with blood, sweat, and tears. (quite literally all three of those components have been ground into our plywood floors and peeled logs).

I know some of you like to see our crazy moving habits so here is an account of moving our chicken coop once again. This time we hauled it two and a half miles down the middle of main street, across the main highway, and down our gravel road to our house. I’m happy to report no chickens were harmed in this process this time.

move in 003

Molly pulled out fence posts. She’s pretty tough.move in 004

Ringo got hot so started tearing off his clothes. It was only –3c so what can you expect from a boy of the North.move in 008

It took us 30 minutes to drag the coop the two and a half miles. I don’t think we passed a single car. It’s not to crowded around here.

move in 007

Ringo and Molly wanted to ride in the coop to make sure things were safe for their feathered friends but I told them all the turkeys had to ride with me.

move in 014

I’m pretty sure there is nothing left of the skids underneath the coop. Good thing there are no more moving plans for a long time.

move in 016

What do you think of this move Tinka? “I don’t see what the big deal is. In fact I can’t see at all.”

move in 058

Final load of crap, I mean the final load of our precious property into our place. move in 030

As you can see, it’s a mess. We (me) loaded everything downstairs with the hope of keeping everything there as we still have a long way to go before the place is actually finished. I’ve been warned that we may never finish our house now that we moved in. Quite honestly, I couldn’t care less. This last two years have been torture. I’m not sure if we’d do it again. Hard to give up everything enjoyable in life to focus on building a silly structure. Should have built a small house like the tumbleweed homes. I’m still grumpy about it. I’m sure I’ll recover after a few…years.

move in 060

Everyone helped with the move.

move in 033

Then all parties involved started doing cart wheels.

move in 054

And jumping for joy.

move in 064

Little Polly couldn’t help herself. She’s been jumping like this for days. Not sure if that’s excitement or if she has some disorder. It could be genetic. Milly has been doing the same thing since we moved in.

move in 066

Our kitchen is functional. That’s about all you can say about it. The cabinets are reclaimed out of Doc’s office and will have to do for a year or so until we save up for proper cabinetry.

move in 067

Most of the stuff fit somewhere. Not sure how we did it.

move in 085move in 092move in 089

Guess what we plan on doing this winter now that we’ve made the big move. The kids say I owe them twenty days of skiing since we missed all last year due to our building habits.

I’m just happy to have time to sit and watch the kids try on the new ski gear we got for the coming season. Most are hand me downs but we did sneak into the big city last week and crashed a ski swap. Man it’s nice to have a spare Saturday to do something like that.

It may take 20 years to complete our house but as Ringo told somebody the other day when asked how he likes living in the new place, “anything’s better than how we have been living the past couple of years.” He’s eight years old but wise beyond his years.

I think we’ve scrubbed off most of the blood off the floor and we are going to stain the walls pretty soon so any future sweat won’t stick. We are almost ready for visitors. Feel free to come by and check out the place. I promise we won’t put you to work like we have most of our visitors for the past couple of years. We are hoping for a Long Winter were we do nothing but relax and ski. I hope the spring never comes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

bok, bok, bok, moo

I heard a few chickens screaming outside and thought I had a predator looking for chicken parmesan.

When I got to the chicken coop I couldn’t help but laugh as this is what I saw.

move 047

I think Ferdinand was just lonely and decided to try and persuade some of the ladies to be his friend. move 049

They all high tailed it out of the coop as the friendly intruder was a little on the clumsy stepping side.

However, we do have some chickens that hang out in the cow shed all day and night now so maybe Ferdinand’s little romp in the coop did win over a few foul friends.