Thursday, January 31, 2013

Railing completed and wood stove

I’m sitting in front of the fire and sipping on ginger tea. Hard to beat that on a winter eve.

I don’t think I’ve posted a picture of our wood stove yet.

rails 002

We’ve been using a wood stove over the past month. It’s wonderful. I love the heat from wood. I like the fact we can walk away from the stove if it gets too hot and find a cooler part of the house.

rails 005 We got our railing completed structurally. We just need to sand and oil. Probably the next project and we’ll get started in the next couple of weeks.

rails 003

You can see the stairs and railing being a different color. The stairs have had five coats of tung oil and the railing will end up similar to the stairs. rails 004

Still mostly unfinished inside but I’m too lazy to work on anything especially since I have a nice fire to sit and relax by.

I hope spring never comes.


  1. I love getting a glimpse of the inside. Looking good. I have to agree about wood heat. And I have to say I envy those log walls. So much better than the poorly insulated, hard to keep warm or cool walls in our old house.

  2. We were thinking the logs would be drafty but surprisingly they are not. The log builder scribed the logs tight enough no chinking was necessary and we put wool between the logs when we put them together. We are very happy.

  3. Hii Doug,
    log walls are looking really nice. I have to say that I am the same kind of guy like you. In cold days I love sitting in-front of a wood burning stove with a coffee and a book. This is the best time passing technique of mine.