Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Living without a phone

For the past two months we have not had a home phone. I should clarify what that means. I have an office phone I use for work but no one has that number and we have only occasionally used it to call out.

We have meant to get a phone but have just put it off and one week turned into eight weeks without too much notice.

An interesting thing has happened without us having a phone. We have had several visitors come out because they didn’t know how to get a hold of us. Its made me think that this is how it used to be where neighbors and family would come to visit to discuss something and stay a while for chit chat. It’s been a nice feeling.

A few negatives include our family thinking we are hippy hermits. The few friends we still have have lost touch and talk to Dancing Queen and Grey Beard more than us.

I must admit I’ve had a kick in telling people we don’t have a phone when asked what our number is. Most just shockingly shake their head in disbelief or laugh at our predicament. Our poor church clerk gave up on us and put us on the directory with no phone number. I’m pretty sure we are the only ones without a phone in the whole community if not the whole planet.

So why am I telling you this? I need to confess that we finally have broken down and got a phone. I don’t particularly like it. I’m expecting a lot less visits. It kind of feels like a sin to jump on the bandwagon and get a phone just because everyone else has one.

I’ve already had several friends text me congratulations on joining the 21st century. Of course I’m not sure those said texts were really from our friends. They could be from an auto generated computer preying on fools like us. 


  1. Is your phone a cell or land line? We had a land line until our daughters got older (dating) and Sweet Tomato insisted they have cell phones of their own for safety sake. So here we were with five cell phones and a land line with PacBell. The only calls we got on the land line were solicitors, kooks and surveys. We got rid of the land line about 15 years ago, and have not had one instance where we missed it.

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  3. Bad keyboard! If we didnt have electric we wouldnt have phones anyway.I like visitors and thats the way it should be. people use to be closer to their family and friends like that.