Thursday, March 7, 2013

Simple Farm goes to the South Pacific

Milly and I had the opportunity to head off to the South Seas this past week. We actually lived in the South Pacific for a couple of years when we were first married. We taught high school and I went to school during the week and then we snorkeled and played every weekend. Sometimes we wonder why we are living in the frozen Canadian tundra.

Anyways, I’m grateful the life of a farmer doesn’t have to always center around doing chores and canning food although most of the time it feels that way.

tahiti 012

When Milly got off the plane she started crying like a baby. I guess the wall of humid 85 degree weather brought back a slew of memories and it was all I could do to hold back as well. The people we were with looked at us like we were crazy, and I suppose we are.

tahiti 038 - Copy

Working from home my wardrobe consists of conference T-Shirts and company logo ware. I’m not sure who IGeek is but here some free advertising for them.

tahiti 134 - Copy

You can see Milly’s smile. She smiled for five straight days.

tahiti 065 - Copy

Hard to beat a soft rain while walking down the beach.

tahiti 062

We stayed in the above shacks over the water. It was pretty cool. We’d get up and jump in the water and snorkel for a couple of hours before breakfast. It’s a tough life.

tahiti 145 - Copy

After five days we are still white as any Canadian should be this time of year. Especially compared to the Tiki statue.

tahiti 058

I want one of these hammocks in our yard. It probably won’t be the same without coconut and palm trees but what can you do.

tahiti 158

This was the horrendous rude awakening we received when we walked off the plane. I thought we were going to die. Who would actually live in this country of their own accord?

I guess a farmer can only put off doing chores for so long before it’s time to get back to work.