Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eleven Year Old Six Mile Hike

Last weekend we took our Eleven Year Old scout troop on a six mile hike up the river bottom. Ringo and his friend joined in. They are the small fries in the group. When we got to the end of the hike most of the boys were disappointed that they couldn’t hike back. I told them it was because we didn’t have time but secretly it was because I was sore and tired.

My favorite quote on the trip related about the old building in the pictures below. The old house was a thing of beauty in its day. Inside was all wood tongue and groove walls with nice trim. It has been deserted for many years and looks like its been used as a cow shed. One of the boys was amazed at how old the building looked. Here is his direct quote: “Wow, this building is old. I bet it was built in like the 1980’s.”

The sad thing is that none of the boys even cracked a smile while me and the two other old and decrepit leaders were laughing our heads off. We had to explain why we were laughing and the boys still didn’t find it that funny. Youngin’s.

Our troop meeting this week started by discussing how cool the hike was and ended with us planning a twelve to fifteen mile hike where we camp overnight and do the trip in two days. I'm sure the boys will handle this fine but I’m not sure about how well the leaders will fare. One of the leaders was talking about bringing a mountain bike or moped.

Of course that’s because he is old. He was born even before that 1980’s old building.

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  1. Great Pictures! I have no comment on the 1980's!