Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ranger Puddles the bull calf

The kids are left up to naming the critters on our simple farm. They all agreed that if the calf was a heifer it’s name was going to be Betsey as Grandpa always asks if we had some extra Stretched Betsey. Being the third bull calf in a row for Rosebud has thrown a wrench in our plans especially since all the good bull calf names have been used. The girls wanted to name the calf Puddles but Ringo somehow convinced them Ranger Puddles was a great name and all involved agreed.

I actually got to see the event this time while all other parties were snoring away at 5:30 am. It was quite pleasant listening to the birds sing as Rosebud moaned and groaned. New life on a farm is always fun.


Rosebud is now producing milk but I get kicked pretty bad every time I touch her sore teat. I’ll take pictures of the progression. It’s improving slowly.

IMAG0081  IMAG0067IMAG0093

Ranger is a Guernsey/Jersey cross. Should be all skin and bones when he grows up. Pretty soon the bull will loose a few parts and become a steer. Poor fella.


We celebrated by heading over to the river to have some fun. Not sure what’s proper in civilized areas of the world but here in the boondocks clothes are optional.

Good thing I had the camera.

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