Sunday, August 25, 2013

Old persons reunion

It’s hard to admit I’m as old as I am. Actually, I’m not even going to discuss the years that have gone by since I graduated.

Let’s just say “Thunderstruck” was newly out on the radio. The internet was just barely being used in our high school. If you had a personal computer your family was rich. I knew of one person that had a “Cell phone” and it was the size of a three hole punch and could only be used on the top of hills. I was addicted to super Mario and Duck hunt on an awesome new thing called a Nintendo. (That was an upgrade to the old Caleco we used to play Donkey Kong on, right Jeff?)

Our television options were three fold one of which was the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation channel that still has the same hockey analysts they have to this day. Girls wore big bangs and rolled up tight fitting acid wash jeans. Levi’s and T-Shirts were cool. Entertainment included cliff jumping, shooting gophers, and playing sports.

Our teachers were old but now that all of the current high school teachers are the same age or younger than I am now I have a little understanding as to why our old teachers pretended they were cool and understood what we were going through.

I was dating a really awesome girl and it just so happens I got to go back to the reunion with her as Millie and I dated all the way back to those prehistoric days. Yup, we are high school sweet hearts even if we separated after high school for three or four years.

A few comments about the reunion.

It surprised me how nice everyone was. I liked everyone I talked to. There was a really good feeling with everyone that came. I hadn’t seen many of my old friends for like a century and it was hard to recognize some but it was really fun catching up with everyone.

I got to talk to a friend that works for a chemical company that is similar to Monsanto. Very interesting conversation. I kept Millie monitored as I didn’t want a fight to ensue. ha.

Some people were bald, some had either gained or lost weight. I have stayed about the same as high school but the proportions are somewhat skewed. A few were missing from our ranks that had passed on. We still miss you Neil and are feeling very sad about the passing of our good friend Val just recently.

I was surprised to hear that a lot of people actually read my silly blog. No one comments on anything here so I’m always thinking I am just writing for the sole benefit of the far away readers in Africa. One long lost friend even said this blog was mentioned in her church Sunday School class in a distant village. I’m not sure why. I’m not too holy in these posts.


944 - Copy

Millie hanging out on the float for the community parade. I think they made us sit up on the float so everyone could laugh at how old we are.


To all those old people that didn’t make it to the reunion. Hope to see you at the next reunion in another century. To those who did make it to the reunion. It was great catching up. Everyone looked great considering the decrepit age we all are.


  1. I had some of the same feelings when I went to my class reunion. Sadly, our class a few people who had no desire whatsoever to reunite with the old class because, for various reasons, had never felt like part of the class. That made be sad because although I always that I was "nice", apparently I wasn't nice enough. Hindsight is 20/20.

  2. I don't comment enough, but I pretty much read every post. I wish I had been able to come to the reunion, but it was just too far at a difficult time. The pictures are nice.

    1. I keep writing posts because I like to keep in touch with people like you Steve in the farthest reaches of Africa or Arizona or Texas, wherever you are now. By the way, your name was mentioned more than once during the reminiscing.

    2. Hopefully in good ways. It would have been fun to come up. We are actually starting to build a house. I am going to start posting about it on our blog soon. We have a lot and a builder. We are basically doing the opposite of what you are doing.