Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wound update, electric fence, chicken tractor, bug, and the definition of a real man

I know many of you have been concerned for Rosebud especially all the females out there. For some reason a torn teat is easy to relate with or at least feel sympathy for.

I just got done milking tonight and thought I’d take a few pictures of the progress. The teat is loose and empty thus the old wrinkled look but you can see the teat has healed up amazingly well.


The goop is Millie’s incredible healing ointment.



I’m not sure how the underside got so ripped up. I feel like an idiot for letting the cow get so bad. Its getting better but I think this happened even after we took her out of the trees so not really sure what caused it. Millie thinks wire but I think it must me some sort of scratching on the ground or…I don’t know.


Ranger Puddles Red deer is hard to catch now.  He even sticks out his tongue at me and teases as I try to catch up to him.IMG_2363

Here’s how I do the watering around the electric fence. I keep Ferdinand and Rosebud separate as he immediately starts to nurse even though he’s almost two years old. He’s just a big baby but his days are short lived. Yum.IMG_2365 IMG_2336

I bought this old trailer off of someone and am turning it into a chicken tractor. I thought I could build it in a couple of hours but it’s taken like two weeks. Millie’s input has added to the design and development of the tractor and now I think the silly thing will withstand a tornado.IMG_2337 IMG_2339  Boxes open from the outside. Ventilation up top and will be covered with quarter inch hardware cloth.IMG_2342 Dancing queen is hobbling now a days as she just had her hip replaced. That’s what happens when all you do is dance. Your dancing parts start to deteriorate. IMG_2341

Milo was out today to help with mowing the lawn. I liked his shirt enough I thought I’d take a picture of it.

I’m sure all the females out there are groaning as they think about the real men in their lives. It could be worse girls. You could be dealing with a torn teat.

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