Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chicken tractor

Just thought I’d show the finished chicken tractor. I started off with the idea of slapping a few pieces of plywood together on top of a tent trailer base and somehow ended up with the complicated work of art shown below.

Chicken tractor and tung oil staining 041

You can see the fancy nest boxes we can access from the outside. It’s really nice to collect eggs without having to tromp into the coop and upsetting the ladies.

Chicken tractor and tung oil staining 046

The front side of the coop lifts up so we can clean out the woodchips from the outside.

Chicken tractor and tung oil staining 045

We have over 30 chickens and I was worried the above roost wouldn’t be enough to fit everyone. It’s surprising how many chickens can fit in one small space. They all seem to cozy up together to keep warm and we could probably fit another 20 chickens if we had to.

Chicken tractor and tung oil staining 044

We put quarter inch hardware cloth on the top of each side for air flow. This mobile chicken tractor won’t be used in the winter but it’s perfect for spring, summer, and fall.

Chicken tractor and tung oil staining 043Chicken tractor and tung oil staining 042

We somehow corralled all hens and drove the tractor down in the trees next to the cows. It’s really nice to have the chickens around the cows as they spend all day scratching up cow pies.

It only took three weeks to complete but it’s been very useful so far this year.


  1. Very nice- but why do you call it a chicken "tractor"? Maybe it should be a chicken RV. a CRV.

  2. Very clever! I have to say I like the idea of a "CRV" LOL.