Monday, October 28, 2013

Milly milking the cow

Utah trip 023I want everyone to know I love my cows  and I’m pretty sure if there isn’t a reciprocal feeling there is at least a modest amount of familiarity to our relationship in that I’m missed when I don’t do the regular chores.

For example, while I was away on business all last week Milly had to do all the chores and Rosebud and Ranger missed me dearly. On my way home while I was being fully “Pat Down” by airport security (my contact eye solution tested positive for something dire. At least they said it turned the little stick thing semi blue so they had to treat me will full precaution) I receive the follow set of text messages from Milly:

In the battle for The Milk, the calf nearly knocked me over, the cow kicked the bucket over, the calf managed to tear the entire rope attachment assembly board off the wall, the kitten got into the milk pail, the calf mounted the cow twice, the cow was moved to a nearby fence post for reattachment, and then refused to give any milk. Net result? Half a gallon of creamy white fresh milk. Please come home soon!!!


I kid you not. That was word for word from my beloved wife.

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the text which wasn’t necessarily the expected response from the guy patting me down in such a thorough manner. The rest of the security breach was spent with me smiling and giggling. Not sure that’s the normal way to act during such a procedure but they started it and I couldn’t help myself.

I think Milly has at least a mild amount of love and affection for me. (does missing me because she has to do all the chore lessen the above sentiment?) Not at all. I’m glad I’m good for something and Rosebud all but cried when I showed up in the morning for the regular duties.

I still haven’t attached the rope attachment assembly. I laugh every time I go out to the cow shed and see it hanging off the shed roof and think of the text message and the poor confused TSA agent. 

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