Sunday, November 17, 2013

My personality

The company I currently work for makes all of their potential employees take a test that helps them determine whether or not the person would be a good match for the company. Nine years ago when I started with the company I somehow snuck past this requirement and simply started working. After several years of being told I needed to take this test I finally did last week. I was sent results with a question of whether I took this test or if Milly helped me answer the questions.

Now before you know the results I should probably say that if I was taking this test before I actually had a job I’d probably answer the questions quite differently. That is to say I answered the questions as honest as I could which exposes all my faults and weaknesses which I know would have put me on the unemployment ranks.

I’m not sure what Ego-strength is but I’m surprised I scored so low on it – I mean only 99%? ha. I shared the results of my test with one of my coworkers that sees all of the tests of potential employees. His comment was “I’ve never seen an ego-strength so high”.

Milly questioned me over and over again about how I scored so high on abstract reasoning (94%) although she totally got the thoroughness score (4%). She also laughed at the aggressiveness and assertiveness scores. For some reason Milly thinks I’m passive aggressive and this seems to have confirmed her suspicions.

My boss hasn’t commented on this test yet. I’m waiting to be fired any day now.