Saturday, March 15, 2014

It’s been that type of winter

It’s been a while and I don’t really have any big excuses for not updating our fan base other than priorities sometimes get mixed and I get side tracked shoveling out our 900 foot driveway because of the many snow storms we’ve had this winter.

march 2014 137

I’m not sure how much it’s snowed this winter but it’s been a lot.

march 2014 139

Which means lots of drifting and chances for snow tunnels.march 2014 134

Some days we’ve just hunkered down and made soap.march 2014 281And sour dough bread.

march 2014 305

The sun has come out occasionally and we’ve done the normal farmer type stuff. I won’t expound on what that means but this might give you an idea.march 2014 041

We are hoping most of the –40 degree weather is behind us. The grey water system has worked wonderfully for the second straight year in a row.

It’s worked so well that everyone on our happy farm think if only the whole world would try grey water it would bring an end to hunger,war and conflict, and bring peace to all living animals. Check out what it has done for some of our farm friends.

march 2014 112

There is still snow on the ground and we still see our breath most days but judging by the sun there is an end of winter shortly around the corner.

march 2014 118

We just have to make it a few more….months?

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  1. Happy to see you posting again. If I had to live through the winter in the snow and cold like you do, I would probably not make it through the winter.