Sunday, April 27, 2014

Is it spring yet?

It has been threatening to turn warm here but every time I think we are past the winter it snows. We had seven inches of snow yesterday and the place looked like a winter wonderland. I guess it is spring because most of the snow was gone by end of day today.

We just put our list of to do’s for the spring and summer and Milly and I both got excited and tired at the same time. Our long winter is coming to an end and we are about to jump into the work season again.

We have tree transporting and planting to do. Garden expansion and planting. Wood collecting. Tree cleanup. Grey water expansion. And numerous other projects that we want to get done.

I think we need to find some like minded people to move out onto our homestead so we can build the place together. No wonder people congregate into communes. It must be easier than doing everything alone. I could even get into hippie type clothes and singing kumbaya around the campfire.

Until we find people as off kilter as us I guess we’ll dress up by ourselves and do solo’s around the fire instead of signing in a choir.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Burning down the shed

If you go way back into the Simple Farm archives you might remember this description of when I almost squashed Grey Beard with an old, unwanted, dilapidated, chicken coop.

[coop%2520010%255B4%255D.jpg]This was the first structure on our little farm and it’s been a dumping spot for tools, gas cans, hoses, lawn mowers, etc. Chickens have sensed their ancestral roots and have roosted and played in the old building. Milly has been very disgusted with how shabby our place looks with all these old buildings plopped around the land and she decided the barn yard looks too much like a barn yard for her liking. This is an old picture. It looked even older when we started to think it was time to supply a burnt offering to the heavens. I like to look at the green grass. We are only a few months away from that time of year again.

She even called the fire marshal and got a burning permit so I didn’t have any more excuses to putting off the blaze.


The smoke was billowing and everyone came bounding out from all over to watch the scene.


This building must have been standing for at least 100 years and it took an hour to end its life.



Ringo decided to build snow caves while watching the meltdown. I’d guess not many city kids get to experience burning down a building. It’s quite fascinating if you like fire.

010 005

I said everyone came out to watch. Basically that meant all the animals participated. Poor Tinka didn’t know what was going on. She looks a little sad that her play house is gone don’t you think?


This is all that’s left of the old feller. A pile of rusty nails and ashes.


At least the tulips are blooming. This is inside the house of course. Real tulips are still a month off or so but I thought I’d spread some joy on the day.  018020I guess the reason I wanted to put flowers in this post is because they make funerals more bearable.