Friday, June 13, 2014

On Sabbatical–Week 1

It’s such a pleasure to take a month off and do whatever I want. Most of the time it involves spending time with the kids.

I haven’t taken pictures of everything we’ve done but here’s a small list:

  • Trip to Waterton to the Teenie Weenie Theater company.


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  • Coached double header baseball games
  • Worked in garden
  • Planted trees
  • Baby sat 11 kids. Not sure I want to do that every day. (5 kids from friend who went to doctors appt, 3 from family member who needed a sitter, and 3 of our own)
  • Moved cow pasture. Fixed fence so yearling wouldn’t get out
  • 11 year old scout camp down to the river bottom
  • Helped pour concrete for neighbors basement
  • I’m going today to help pour another friends basement today as well. I’m not a contractor nor do I have really any of those skills. I find it funny that as soon as I take a sabbatical I now have lots of manual labor offers.

Not bad for the first week. Next week we intend to do a lot more fun stuff like the above.

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