Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tinka Canseco

Remember Tinka, our Komondor livestock guardian dog? Every year she bulks up on hair in the attempt to hit home runs and collect every burr in the river bottom. Every year we attempt to put the record books straight and keep burrs off the back.

move in 016

tree planting 472

Tinka usually looks like a 300 lbs pumped up home run hitter.

07232014 121

Now she looks like a little league runt.

07232014 122

I’m not sure if it will make her popular with the fella’s but the kids aren’t as afraid of her since she’s 200 lbs lighter.

07232014 12307232014 120

She’s back to being a plain old white dog that can’t jump or hit a ball. We’ll put her back on the juice and I’m sure she’ll be ready for the big leagues (winter) in a month or so.


  1. Aw, she looks so embarrassed! Love the shot with the cat. We've been discussing getting a LGD but there aren't many breed choices locally. I wonder how much down is in Tinka's fur and if it could be handspun for yarn.

  2. I've heard the Komondor dogs hair could be used for yarn. However our dog has so many burrs and is so matted by the time we shave her it would be a lot of work. If we had time to brush her everyday it wouldn't be bad but we don't usually take the time to baby our dog that much.