Wednesday, July 2, 2014

You know it’s been a good day when…

Your hands look like this.

IMG_3299 IMG_3298

And the garden looks like this.


Instead of this.


**********Small detour*******

Note to self. Remember to get proper rain gear instead of some cheap survival kit poncho that mostly just held in water instead of keeping it out.


We had a mild flood a couple of weeks back and I had to trench out the north side of the garden to get rid of all the extra water. It rained eight inches in two days and our garden was going to be flooded out if I didn’t dawn that cheap yellow poncho.


Eight inches of rain causes this.


And this.


I’m glad we built on high ground instead of succumbing to the wonderment of the river bottom.IMG_3341

*******Back to how you know its been a good day********

It’s been a godd day when you get to start putting together a Whizbang Wheel Hoe. I tried to use a bicycle tire as the wheel but this contraption needs a 1/2 inch axle and the bicycle tire I scrounged from the dump is smaller that that.


I ordered a wheel from Northern Tools as Herrick Kimball suggested (and Millie wanted to do from the beginning but I thought I was smarter than her so didn’t) so will need to wait a few days to put all the parts together.

You know it’s been a good day when there is a gallon of homemade ice cream waiting to freeze and it’s been 29 C out. IMG_3292

It’s been a good day when the sun is still shining at 9:45 pm and the grass is green and the trees are growing.IMG_3391

It’s been a great day when all the kids look like this.


Poor Polly’s stomach was hurting she said so I let her lay on the couch instead of in her bed. I’m guessing she had heat exhaustion and was tired out from a great full day of fun.


  1. I ended having to mulch what little squares I got with grass clippings and they done better.We had a downpour here yesterday and wow everything is sprouting.I wish I had a garden your size but thats gonna be next year,just getting my garden shoes wet this year.Poor child looks pooped lol!

    1. This is our 4th season with our garden spot and each year we've increased in size. We tripled our space this year and am happy with the size. It's around 60 ft by 50 ft. We always plant potatoes in the newly torn up sod and they do fairly well.