Friday, September 26, 2014

Reminder to myself to keep things simple

After a full summer of work and a couple years of all encompassing homesteading lifestyle we’ve committed ourselves to take on less projects to decrease the amount of time necessary to run our Simple Farm. I have to keep telling myself no to things such as getting more calves or buying a horse. There is currently a never ending supply of things that need to be done. It’s hard really is hard to keep things simple. Especially when there’s so many things we’d like to do.

For example, our kids take riding lessons with a nearby friend. After each lesson Ringo and Molly always say “we need to get a horse dad”.

phone09242014 014

It sure looks fun.

phone09242014 008

And would probably be good to teach the kids more responsibility. phone09242014 025

And they like it a lot.

phone09242014 004

And it’s nice to see them working with animals.phone09242014 021

But I’m not sure I could handle more things to take care of at this point.

phone09242014 032

At least I got another piece of propaganda to remind the kids they really do like each other occasionally.

I’m thinking we’ll just stay to lessons and use the opportunity to keep things simple, letting someone else handle the horsing around business.

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