Wednesday, September 10, 2014


It’s hard being a Canadian gardener. Here it is the beginning of September and we already have this to wake up to.

snow 002

It’s only a light skiff of snow but it reeks havoc on the zucchinis and tomato’s as the temperature naturally drops as well.


And the above snow fall warning isn’t too pleasant as either. I like skiing and we pray for snow…in December.

I’ve covered as many plants as I can with plastic and transplanted some tomato plants into pots and moved them next to the house. I’m hoping to get a little more growth this year out of the garden but the season is changing fast.

I find this blog post quite ironic as only a few days ago I was bragging about how great my garden was looking and now it’s dead and dying.

Yup, it’s hard being a gardener in Canada.

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  1. As much as I complain about our scorching hot, dry summers, I don't reckon I'd want to trade for your winters.