Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Clay plaster workshop

I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since we went to this clay plaster workshop http://www.thesimplefarm.com/2013/08/clay-plaster-on-drywall.html

Ever since then we have been telling our family, friends, and visitors the reason we are suffering through exposed drywall throughout our place is we are determined to do clay plaster on our wall and just haven’t had the time, money, or skill to pull off this feat. (I don’t think anyone believed my excuses. Everyone just thinks I’m lazy hillbilly. ha.)

We did mud, tape, and paint our bedroom a while back but ever since then Millie has been feeling guilty and nauseous in our succumbing to social pressures to have a finished bedroom. We did use super duper paint that smells like roses and cherries but it still is too stinky for Millie.

So in an effort to keep my promise to Millie we are going through with the clay plaster walls.

Of course I have no clay plaster skills and Millie won’t let me just do it so we decided to have Ashley and Heather from Dirt Craft come down and help us out.

We actually have a workshop scheduled at our place in June. Should be fun.


You can see by the pictures below, everyone smiles and has a lot of fun at these events.

Clay Plaster 020.JPG (1200×1600)

I even picked up a night of music from a local musician at a charity auction that I think I’m going to come and entertain the night of the event.

We are really looking forward to it.

It may take me two years to come through on my promise but things are looking up and we should have covered walls within a month or so.