Monday, May 18, 2015

Road building–It’s about time

For the last two years we’ve been accessing our house via a dirt road/mud bog driveway. Every time it rains or snows Millie immediately says “Isn’t it time we get a road yet?” Followed but numerous grunts and groans about how how people can’t visit us and we can’t leave for several days and how “NO” I can’t buy a 4x4 truck just so we can leave the property.

It’s been a long wait but we have finally made the plunge.

Camping 031

As the grader started pushing dirt Millie started getting cold sweats and worrying about whether we made the right decision to scar the earth with such massive machines. My Millie is very sensitive to the environment and I think she was a sunflower in her previous life. Camping 033

Our Grader Guy was wonderful. He gave a bunch of guidance, direction, and encouragement when Millie’s question became plentiful.Camping 026

We basically just scraped off the top soil and and flattened out road.

Camping 028

In all reality the road was shaped in about two hours. That’s right. We waited two years for two hours of grader work. We (I’m) not that smart some times.Camping 025

The road is about 900 feet long and we plan on covering it with yellow bricks or some other form of precious aggregate.

We are pretty excited about the prospect of not having to hit the mud bog going 90 mph so we can get through. Millie has been giddy. She even mentioned the other day that maybe we should get a truck as any real farm has a real sized truck.

If I would have known I could get a truck as long as I built my wife a road I would have started shoveling by hand two years ago.