Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Construction Zone Again

We are deep into painting and preparing for the clay plaster workshop we are hosting this weekend. We are told there are ten people signed up for the event which ends up just right. Heather and Ashley from DirtCraft.ca have been great to work with in planning the event. I don’t really have any questions but poor Millie likes to discuss everything with someone more knowledgeable than me. For some reason she doesn’t trust my judgment. I keep telling her I took a two day clay plaster course two years ago so I am well qualified as an expert on the subject. That’s more training than I usually have when starting these endeavors.

To prepare for the event we have to prime all walls with a sanded primer.

From afar the house looks like this.

chinking 059

Up close it looks like this.chinking 063

And this. chinking 061

We are putting on a clay plaster from American Clay. You can buy their sand to put in primer. It comes out to like $1000 for a 50 lb bag. It’s a good thing we only put a small amount in each can and they sell the stuff in gallon sufficient quantities.

chinking 060

This doesn’t look all the great but we are happy we are done with the bare drywall stage as we were in that stage for about two years.

chinking 058

We are also chinking the gaps between our logs and our drywall walls with a product called perma-chink. It’s pretty easy to work with and we are hoping it holds.

chinking 181

I’ll take pictures of the clay plaster workshop and give a report on the event.

Wish us luck. It’s kind of scary to have a bunch of amateurs doing a bunch of work on our house. Especially when a professional like me could be doing all the work.

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