Monday, May 16, 2016

Update on the farm

It’s been a while since I’ve updated anyone on our activities. I actually posted this last year but found the photos didn’t come through so I thought I’d post it again.

Here’s a few things that happened last summer.

Little chicks were born.

Nov4 002

We had a calf and the kids called her Molly. Yippee. Another milk cow.Nov4 001

Tomato’s were great this year. We had around 150 lbs of them.Nov4 140

Beets were plentiful as well. Probably too plentiful. We’ll need to plant a few less rows than this year.

Nov4 132

I have a friend in California that gave me some pepper seeds that were heritage to his grandfather in Italy. I’m happy to report Papi Tomato that your grandfathers peppers are now being grown in Canada.

Nov4 086

Carrots were great. We got around 500 lbs of them and they are sweet and delicious.

Nov4 053

I know what you are thinking. How in the world do you store that many carrots? We learned this trick from an old Gypsy man that traveled through our area and for a meal and a nights lodging shared with us all his mysterious secrets.

His name was Google. He’s a great guy.

We used to use sand but sand is heavy. I’m a weakling and can’t handle heavy loads anymore so we use saw dust instead as shown below.

Nov4 046

Our kids are often cranky during the summer as all we do is work. See Ringo’s I hate summer look below.

Nov4 054

We love having cousins over as they are easy to trick into thinking doing stuff like carrots is fun.

Nov4 047

Millie is usually the carrot stacker as she’s much more detailed than I am.

Nov4 060

I’m the digger and Polly is the hauler.

Nov4 043

Lots of radishes.

peas 025

And around 1200 lbs of potato’s.

peas 028

We did do some fun stuff this summer as well.

peas 118

But all in all I’m looking forward to another long winter.