Monday, August 7, 2017

Archibald the baby bull calf

So milly and the kids went away for a family reunion and I got nominated to stay home and take care of the chores. I guess that’s what kind of happened. I did end up doing all the chores but the truth is our Jersey (Honey) was about to calve and I didn’t want to leave her to birth on her own. As you all know I am a gentleman and would never leave a lady all alone to deal with a thing of such importance.

I knew Honey was getting close. She was agitated with me and ran away whenever I got close. Usually she likes me rubbing her tail and patting her all around.

Whenever Honey put a foot down fluid would escape and she looked like a watermelon was about to escape out her rear end.

I’d been telling Millie for about 6 months that I’d clean out the cow barn before the new calf came. So I thought I better hurry and do that or I would end up being a liar and face the ever so uncomfortable “I told you so” that comes when I don’t listen to my wife. I went up and shoveled out manure and hay and then spread the contents at the base of some trees. I swear that no more than 30 mins went by and I looked down the hill and this is what I saw.


I thought “How Rude”. Here I stayed home from a family vacation and Honey didn’t even have the decency to let me watch her give birth. I’m pretty sure as I left she thought “oh good, that nosey guy is gone. I’ll get right down to business now”


Even though I was completely ready in case I was needed/wanted probably the best motto for birthing (of any species) is to JUST GET OUT OF THE WAY.


I called and told Millie and the kids we had a new bull calf and the kids immediately wanted to name him Archibald for some reason. Millie agreed and then asked if the cow shed was ready for the new inhabitants. I of course said I had the barn cleaned out in plently of time for the new resident.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tools I’ve used on the farm UPDATE

We’ve been on the farm for about 5 years now. I’ve slowed down a lot of my prolific posting and have been mostly doing instead of talking about doing.

We’ve kept things fairly simple over the years. We aren’t into big expensive machinery. We are not big time farmers. We tend to lie on a small time homesteader approach. We don’t have that much money to go around buying everything we need. We accumulate and improve as we can.

This post was done back in 2011.

I thought I’d update it a bit as it’s interesting to see where we’ve come from and what we’ve thought important enough to buy and use.

Often used tools as of 05/05/2011
Chainsaw – We have lots of trees we need to clean up. Will use for gathering wood for winter.
Toe rope – Used to pull trees out
Fencing pliers
Wire stretcher for fence
Truck – Borrowed mostly. I just registered a 1978 Toyota truck my dad gave me 2 years ago. Should do until we get rich from farming and can get a big truck.
Computer – To look things up online for instructions on how to do things.
Crescent Wrench
Bucket – For water, collecting things
Gas Can
Additions 11/09/2011
Post hole digger
Water hose
Water trough and/or bucket
Volcano oven
Post maul
Tool belt
Tarps galore
Additions 12/29/2011
Pocket knife- a must have. I used it several times a day
Chains - to drag things
Steel barrels- Store things in and haul water
Gloves - I usually get 3 pairs for around $20 from Costco
Winter clothes - It fun being outside when you are warm.
Gum boots
Hand saw
Tarp straps
Gun – I have a .22, shot gun, and a 30-30. We have some dogs roaming the place so I keep the 30 – 30 close just in case.
Draw knife – To peel logs
Wish list in 2011
Chainsaw of my own. I’ve borrowed Greybeard and Elvis chain saw in the mean time. Bought this right off. Have used it immensly over the years.
Electric fencing equipment – Need to get shortly for chickens and goats. Bought several different variations. I’ve come to rely on a plug in fencer as the solar ones always fail at some point.
Tractor with rototiller, lawn mower, and plow. Still wishing.
Big 4x4 truck – March 2017 -Still have my 1978 toyota. Still wishing for a big truck.
Backhoe – Ya right.
Heated water trough – You can buy a heater for like $30 at UFA or any farm store. Way worth it for winter time.

UPDATE – March 2017

Bail tarps – for small square bails. Don’t need them for big round bales if feeding fall hay over the winter.

Ride on Lawn Mower – Bought a John Deer z645 about 3 years ago. Best purchase ever but now we mow like 5 acres of land.

Water hoses – Have heaps of these to water trees, water cows, irrigate garden etc.

Pitch fork – Clean up manure etc.

Grain Shovel – Clean out stalls. Spread mulch, etc.

Wheel Hoe – Best thing ever for a garden. We bought one of these: Best investment ever.

Water heater- Cheap to buy at UFA type stores:

Feeder buckets – For feeding treats, mineral, bucket feeding calves.

Dehorning pliers – Ya, yuck but necessary.

Casteration pliers – More yuck

Happy Hands

I’m not sure how these hands got so dirty but doesn’t Ringo look pleased.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Fancy logo

I don't spend all my time milking cows and shoveling manure although I probably enjoy it just as much as my regular work.

I've been wanting to get a logo designed for The Simple Farm for a while now and finally took the time to get one of my guys to put some thought into it.

This is the view we have out our window. It's really a view of my neighbors barn but I don't mind making that barn famous. I told my designer to make it somewhat like this picture.

This is what he came up with.

I think it's awesome. Milly says the sun is in the wrong spot. I told her to imagine it's an egg yoke not the sun. 

I wish I was talented so I could do stuff like this. All I'm any good at is shoveling manure.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Still here

I’m not sure if anyone is still monitoring our progress but we are still here.

We’ve had a lot of good things happen this past year. We still have pretty eggs.


New camera 06132016 026

Our house is still improving. As you can see we have a balcony and a back porch now.

New camera 06132016 458

We’ve built a cow shed. It’s not too fancy but is a big improvement on what we had in the past.

As you can see the 1978 Toyota is still moving. My kids like to remind me that I’m older than this beat up truck.

New camera 06132016 471

The kids are growing and unfortunetly so am I. ha.

New camera 06132016 292

I’ll try to update more. I thought I’d just put something out here to get the writing flow going again.

Somehow this blog has over 200k page views. Drop me a comment if you happen to be one of those viewers. I’m always interested to see who’s trolling us.