Monday, August 7, 2017

Archibald the baby bull calf

So milly and the kids went away for a family reunion and I got nominated to stay home and take care of the chores. I guess that’s what kind of happened. I did end up doing all the chores but the truth is our Jersey (Honey) was about to calve and I didn’t want to leave her to birth on her own. As you all know I am a gentleman and would never leave a lady all alone to deal with a thing of such importance.

I knew Honey was getting close. She was agitated with me and ran away whenever I got close. Usually she likes me rubbing her tail and patting her all around.

Whenever Honey put a foot down fluid would escape and she looked like a watermelon was about to escape out her rear end.

I’d been telling Millie for about 6 months that I’d clean out the cow barn before the new calf came. So I thought I better hurry and do that or I would end up being a liar and face the ever so uncomfortable “I told you so” that comes when I don’t listen to my wife. I went up and shoveled out manure and hay and then spread the contents at the base of some trees. I swear that no more than 30 mins went by and I looked down the hill and this is what I saw.


I thought “How Rude”. Here I stayed home from a family vacation and Honey didn’t even have the decency to let me watch her give birth. I’m pretty sure as I left she thought “oh good, that nosey guy is gone. I’ll get right down to business now”


Even though I was completely ready in case I was needed/wanted probably the best motto for birthing (of any species) is to JUST GET OUT OF THE WAY.


I called and told Millie and the kids we had a new bull calf and the kids immediately wanted to name him Archibald for some reason. Millie agreed and then asked if the cow shed was ready for the new inhabitants. I of course said I had the barn cleaned out in plently of time for the new resident.

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