I’ve read many blogs where the author of the blog tries to stay anonymous for various reasons. I don’t really care if you know who I am. I get a kick out of my friends making comments on my posts and teasing me about my silly blog.

If you really want to know a bit about me you can find out about my story in my first blog post on The Simple Farm. We are not that weird. We don’t do things because the world is coming to an end. We are somewhat educated and carry out a normal life. We do homeschool our children but like to involve them in as many social situations as possible. We don’t like couponing but we’d rather make due than buy new. We love local food and support naturally grown, and untainted products. We like people and love visitors.

However, not everyone in my family is as forthcoming with their identity. My wife is adamant that she keep her identity a complete and utter secret. With that in mind you will notice a mysterious lady in photo’s throughout this blog with a whited out face. Consider it a witness protection plan for “Milly” my beautiful and lovely wife of…many years. (Wouldn’t want to tell you how long as that may give you a clue to who she really is. ha.)

I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable when I tell stories about them on the The Simple Farm so I have and will continue to give code names to my friends and acquaintances.

Here is a list of already mentioned comrades and colleagues. If you want to change your name or if you’re not listed and want to be listed let me know.

My Family
Me – Milly dubs me Moses for blog purposes
Milly – My Wife
Ringo – My Son
Molly – My daughter
Polly – My other daughter
Rosebud – Our Jersey family cow

My Mom and Dad’s Family
Elvis – My dad
Shorty – My mom
Penelope – 1st sister
Dolly- 2nd sister
Dorothy – 3rd sister
Sidney – 4th sister
Blondie – 5th sister
Alvin – 1st brother
Theodore -2nd brother
Duke – My best dog growing up. (He’s dead and he’s a dog so I didn’t feel the need to change his name)
Leprechaun – Uncle who likes ND for some reason
Molar – Cousin from way up north with a fancy new truck
Mavrick and Charley – Twin brother to molar. Fancy city slicker folk.

Milly’s Family
Greybeard – Father in law
Dancing Queen – Mother in law
Speedy and Sunflower – 1st Brother in law and wife
Willow, Daisy, Tulip, Petunia, and Snapdragon – Speedy and Sunflower’s 5 kids
Doc and Holiday – 2nd Brother in law and wife
Rico and Cocoa – 3rd Brother in law. Rico and Cocoa’s kids are Sugar, Salt and Vinegar
Maddox – 4th Brother in law
Uncle Earl and Aunt Pearl – Milly’s farming uncle that lives around the corner

Barnabas – Engineer friend (stuck in the muck)
Betty – Engineer friends wife
Gus – Oldest and bestest friend
Noodle – Amazing dunker and Glenwood friend
Minnie – Milly’s second half pre-Moses
Waz – Tall blonde girl from high school that says she likes my blog. Hey if you read my silly blog I’ll give you a name
Roberta – Friend from school. A.K.A Crazy Dog Lady
Mr. and Mrs. Green – Our example of an ideal farming couple
Montana – Missionary friend that begged for a code name
Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – Friend with DJ equipment and his wife
Martha and Ed – Martha Stewart has nothing on this decorating queen
Chocolate Thunder – The highest jumping basketball guy I know
Wayne Gretzky – I was on his team for my last game in Kalispell and we won 5-1.
Gordie Howe – He never misses from his corner shot.
Ovie – If you know the Capitals’ star player you should figure out who this is.
Fred and Wilma – Fred moved my stinking piano 3 times over the last 2 months.
Captain Von Trap, Maria, Fredrick, Louisa – Sprouter and photographer. Friends from Kalispell.
Roudy Willy Piper – Only guy I know that was a professional wrestler. Like in Stampede wrestling.
Arnold – Weight lifting buddie from university
Dollar – Bee keeper, former military person (not sure what division), teacher of gun safety to desperate house wives, Bruins fan (we won’t hold that too much against him). Friend from high school
Lucy and Emma – Natural healer, prolific gardener and good friend of Milly’s. I know I have about two hours of free time when they get on the phone. Emma is Lucy’s youngest of six daughters and one son.
Sunshine and Lightning – Awesome people that brought us Rosebud from way up North.
Milo and Otis- Friend that I almost shot in the ear with a nail gun while putting up trusses on our house.
Ice Burg – Inuit friend that helped us tan a cow hide.
P.S. It seems like I’ve offended some people leaving them off this listing. If you want a code name, I have lots of good ones waiting to be used.